Modern Combat 5 Blackout Looks Like + Review

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is a war game I like very much because it has pretty good features. I am a person who does not like too complicated games and many features. a simple feature with the story and multiplayer online is enough to make me like this game. Just like Call of Duty and Battlefield, developer Gameloft prides itself on going big in the graphics department.

With your single and multiplayer modes breaking into known territories, but there are enough new features to keep everything fresh. in this game you can get a medal, XP, and unlockable to get everything you need and love in the game. There are four classes as well. Assault, Heavy, Recon, and Sniper can be opened gradually as you progress through the game. and also added with some special classes that I will explain below. All fighting styles can be customized, including special features on weapons to make the enemy more brutal and satisfying.

Caydan Phoenix

Playing in a single player, this story is around Caydan Phoenix which is the lead role in single player and his team handling terrorist groups known as the World Liberation Army cause chaos in various locations in Venice, Italy and Japan. There are four to five missions in each conflict zone, all of which must be solved so that the mission for Caydan Phoenix can be completed.

Not just on single player stories. but in this game we also play multiplayer against all players from all over the world. and also in this game we can make our own alliance and fight with other team. here are some special models that I have promised to let me know below.

Bounty Hunter

They collect Diamond Dust, which can be used to purchase additional grenades or activate military support. And 7 levels of their weapons are experimental weapons, ranging from smart pistols and walking up to the railroad tracks.

  • +
  • Unique arsenal of experimental weapons which are adaptable for nearly every combat scenario
  • Earns Diamond Dust faster than other classes
  • Filling up Bounty Meter allows access to Military Support faster than other classes
  • Dividends Skill further increases Diamond Dust earned from kills
  • Synergy Skill lowers the respawn time of killed teammates
  • No particular area of combat specialization
  • Unconventional arsenal of weapons can be unfamiliar to use


Sappers, also called combat engineers, are combatants skilled in engineering duties… Keeping in step with the modern times, they have developed a particular liking for the use of combat drones and other semi automatic battle systems such as turrets

  • +
  • Can deploy unique arsenal of turrets and drones for fire support
  • Better bullet and explosive protection
  • Short-barrel rifles have solid rate of fire and accuracy, and are generally effective at close-mid range
  • Frostblast Skill allows player to throw Cryo-Cluster grenades
  • Synergy Skill improves the explosive protection of teammates
  • Low mobility
  • Lacks a sidearm
  • Potentially outgunned at longer ranges by the Assault and Sniper classes
  • Potentially outmaneuvered and outgunned at close ranges by the Heavy and Recon class


The constant competition for the lead in the innovative development of a new X1-Morph super-soldier. Armed with a deadly arsenal of Modular Weapons, she is perfectly adaptable to any and all other types of combat scenarios.

  • +
  • Unique arsenal of modular weapons with generally solid effectiveness at close-mid range
  • Modular weapons can gain statistical enhancements from the weapons of dispatched enemies
  • Many modular weapons do not have to reload
  • High mobility and strafing speed
  • Improved resistance to limb damage
  • Can fully restore HP and take on enemy’s appearance after performing a melee attack
  • Can Overload and remain alive for 5 seconds after taking fatal damage (giving enough time to
  • cheat death by performing a melee attack and restoring HP).
  • Shield Skill provides damage resistance, as well as an increase in damage output when Shield is destroyed
  • Synergy Skill heals teammates after they perform a kill
  • Lacks a sidearm
  • Modular weapons cannot equip scopes or muzzle attachments
  • Lacks the special radar skills of Recon class
  • Generally high recoil while hip-firing
  • Outgunned at longer ranges by Assault and Sniper class


In the increasingly technological arms race, the Kommander has gone back to the roots of modern combat techniques. His tactical training and unprecedented survivability are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  • +
  • Unique arsenal of shields for absorbing frontal damage
  • Shields provide back protection when holstered
  • Decent primary weapon mobility without shield deployed
  • Powerful in defensive and close-range combat
  • Shield Rush Skill allows player to charge and bash enemies with shield and provides a huge increase in mobility while active (activated by pressing the CROUCH button with the shield deployed)
  • Interrogation Skill allows player to reveal locations of an enemy’s teammates on the radar
  • Ballistic Plates Skill allows player to deploy armor plates which can be picked up by players to increase their max HP.
  • Comes equipped with at Tier 3 armor by default
  • Not ideal for long-range combat
  • Low mobility with shield deployed
  • Player is still vulnerable to explosive damage with shield deployed
  • Shield offers no protection from melee attacks
  • Can be outmaneuvered and flanked by faster opponents as left and right side are vulnerable (only
  • front or back can be protected by the shield)
  • Limbs may also still be vulnerable with shield deployed (with accurate aiming, the player may also be shot in the head through the shield’s visor)
  • Can be vulnerable to headshots from players on higher ground shooting from above
  • Ballistic Plates deployed on the map can be picked up by enemies as well as allies

So. it is the 4 special classes that exist in modern combat 5 blackout, there are all 9 classes: Assault • Heavy • Recon • Sniper • Support • Bounty Hunter • Sapper • X1-Morph • Kommander. This war game is very interesting to play. if you are confused and want to see how the graph of this game you can see it in the video below.

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