▶️ Recording Video – STEEMPRESS Indonesia Radio Show [+20participants ]


It’s been over a week I know about steempress and have learned how to work from steempress. and also with direct communication with @howo & @fredrikaa I understand more about this steempress. This is a plugin that can be used by steemit user who has a background in a blogger and can utilize this plugin on their blog. with this plugin the work of bloggers will also appear in our blog steemit

I have initiated to create a radio show that I’ll take to my other friends to help users in Discord can understand the workings of this steempress. and also provide information and direction so as not to spam or scam on this project. because that is a bad thing. We must use this steempress well and create quality content using this steempress feature. that’s what everyone expects

Indonesia Steempress Radio Show is running almost for 1 hour 30 minutes. the opening of this show I explain what it is steempress from the beginning to how this steempress beneficial to us all. on this radio also many participants who already understand, but we also open question and answer about steempress. I saw the enthusiasm of the listener very well and asked nicely. Discord members who participated nearly more than 20 people on the radio.



A lot of questions have appeared on the radio some of them is !!

  1. How to register wordpress ?
  2. What’s the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com ?
  3. Whether the vote steempress is auto or manual ?
  4. How does steempress rate a good post ?
  5. How to setup the steempress plugin ?
  6. and many other questions ……

From the question above me and some friends answered it one by one and also we explain about the update information from steempress on every new post about the development of steempress. and one of them, we provide the latest information we’ve made clear again on the radio about the latest announcements from steempress in this post SteemPress answers to common questions and update to design.

There, the important point what i can share in radio sho is about this sentences from last steempress update !!

You don’t expect a tip…… BUT

Please consider a vote from @steempress-io as a tip for producing good content with us rather than as an expected reward. You don’t expect a tip, but you are happy when you get one. The same mentality should apply here.

Check out this recording video for more information on the results of the Indonesia radio show steempress !

Recording Video – [ ndonesian Language ]

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