Let’s Give Review & Rating For Steempress Plugin

This is my advanced writing about a plugin we need to have. what it this ? yep, Steempress. steempress became the latest hotnews of the moment and I made an article about the steempress before here Steempress-io Has Been Attended To Content Creators With 1M Steem Power

In that post I get a lot of attention from the Indonesian people about what is steempress. and I’m helping to memprosikan this plugin to great creators and who are assured if they can create original content. that’s why I call all the great content creators. and now many people are using steempress from the data I took through the official page of the steempress plugin

the image above is the official page for the steempress plugin. there we can see the update of the plugin and according to the data you have seen is. and if you click on advance view then you will see more complete data about the development of this plugin

  • Version: 1.3
  • Last updated: 5 days ago
  • Active installations: 700+ Requires
  • WordPress Version: 4.7
  • Tested up to: 4.9.6

What is important that I discussed ?

Important points I want to share with all the steempress plugin users. that above you can see ADD REVIEW. there is a menu for us as a user in order to contribute us to steempress. our review is in need by the developers of @howo and @fredrikaa. so you can go there and give our steempress rating as our gratitude for steempress.  I feel steempress deserves high marks for this plugin because it really helps us in making the content and also makes our website come alive again. that’s how I feel. and I give a review as well as 5 stars for the steempress plugin


let’s give a review and rating here

so. if you already give your contribution there. I am sure steempress will continue to provide the best for us all as users. if not us who cares about this. so who ? because I care and like the steempress plugin. I do not need to say the reason why I like it because I have explained above.

I’ll give you a little information about the steempress I’ve mentioned before. maybe there are some of you who do not know what is steempress, then I will explain a little and also explanation video that I have ever made before.

Steempress is a plugin project that can be installed in your wordpress and also by using the plugin then every post that you publish through your website will show up in your steemit as well. look more here Steempress-io Has Been Attended To Content Creators With 1M Steem Power.

Or you can also see the Indonesian-language video that I created earlier here Video 


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