Steempress-io Has Been Attended To Content Creators With 1M Steem Power


Hello everyone, there is a good news for those of us who like to write or create content on our own website. now we can create content at once on our website and steemit. we do not need to leave our website just because of steemit. @steempress-io already has the solution, and that is by using the steempress plugin on your website.

Calls To All Great Creators Content

Yes, I would like to call all the great creator content to be able to try this and I’m sure it will be very useful for us. I will also give a complete explanation for all my friends who were once very active on their blog to be able to use the steempress plugin and create a post through our own website.

@steempress-io has recently received a delegation of 1,000,000 Steem Power

I will not explain much in this paper, because there is already complete information that has been created directly by @steempress-io on their blog here Tittle: SteemPress ready to curate Steem-powered WordPress blogs with 1 million Steem Power. so you can follow the account to always get update from steempress-io or you can join directly to the discord

I said that I did not explain in writing, BUT. I’ve made better information and you can clearly understand with my video below. so you can see the review and also a little tutorial there !!


That’s my explanation about steempress, hope you guys can understand and also can try this. I suggest to people who already have a website and also a good writer. use this steempress well and be a great content creator. like sevenfingers creators that I choose. see their writing here SevenFingers Creators WEEKLY CONTENT – Bulletin #1

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